Dunboyne AC 4 Mile Road Race


Today marked a huge stepping stone in my journey to Rio de Janeiro. I toed the Dunboyne AC 4 Miler start line to mark the opening of my able bodied season. Not only was it a season opener, it was one of a few competitive able bodied races in the past 3 years. With 6 weeks of consistent training behind me, this was a chance to see where I was at physically and mentally before stepping onto a track. 

Arriving in Duboyne the conditions were far from ideal, rain pouring heavily. Closer to kick off conditions eased with the rain stopping completely and the wind dying down a little . I found myself in unfamiliar territory, alongside some of Irelands elite including David McCarthy the eventual race winner, Joe Sweeney, Mick Clohisey and Paddy Hamilton.

The gun went and so did the main group, finding myself off the back with no shelter I knew it was going to be a tough day. Through the 1st mile marker I still felt composed and relaxed knowing that other athletes would eventually come past me at some stage and that I would need a lot of strength to hold them off. From mile 2 until 3 I felt myself starting to wobble sitting back a little and my legs started to burn. It's been a long time since I've really had to dig deep. Getting through the 3 mile marker was a seriously big mental milestone. I knew that there was only about 5 minutes of running left to go, my track head kicked in and I knew it was time to lift my hips and lean a little forward and prepare to really hurt. With 800m to go I passed an athlete and there was another 20 metres in front. I noticed the 400 metre marker soon after on the road and thats whenever I decided to leave all my effort in Dunboyne, head down pushing for home. I wanted to come across the line knowing that I had given my all. 

I will admit that todays race wasn't a complete success, as every reader will know you can always find something to improve on in everything you do. But I realise today was important, I learnt a few things about myself, 1 I Can still mix it with able-bodied athletes and 2 I still know how to grit my teeth and dig deep when things get hard. Both of these will be needed come 11th September.  

Now its time to put my head down for the next few week and get another solid block of training in before the Queens 5K road race.

Race Result 18th Place in 21.26 



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